Welcome to Greener Path to Health

Our mission is to educate on the various paths to health that have minimal side effects with broad positive impacts.

The educational portion of the website is organized into the three human dimensions: The Body, Mind and Energy. These three dimensions are intrinsically intertwined; most of the protocols affect more than one dimension and some all three. They are separated to emphasize that there are indeed three dimensions and to stress that it is essential to address all in order to attain perfect health.

This section will continue to expand. Be sure to come back often to see what is new!

Energy: Body Talk, Dowsing, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Reiki

Mind: Meditation, Seek the Lesson

Body: Chiropractic, Essential Oils, Holistic Dentistry, Nutrition, Self Healing

Medicinal Cannabis has its own section because it has far-reaching healing potential way beyond the current thought. Greener Path to Health is an avid advocate for medicinal cannabis due to its astonishing healing properties.

Recoveries is Autism centric right now but will grow organically to other ailments.

Resources include books, websites, and social media groups.

The information in this site is intended for Educational purposes. We recommend that any protocol here be discussed with your healthcare provider. The site is meant as a launching point to deeper research, which is why we have an extensive resource section. There are many effective, natural ways to heal; our intention is to introduce these modalities as an alternative to drugs that sometimes cause more harm than good.