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The 50-55 gallon tank is the popular size of aquarium in the fish collecting community. If you want to transition to bigger tanks and consider the 50-55 gallon tank, maintenance is absolutely the first factor that you should learn about. As a longtime enthusiast myself, I would recommend you to use canister filter as the best filter for 50-55 gallon aquarium. Canister filter is ideal to aid in filtration of water in 50-55 gallons aquariums, keeping the environment conducive for the survival of your fish. It is also reduce your effort you would incur to keep a large tank in the best working condition. #1 Canister filter contain more filter media 50-55 gallons tank is not a small tank like what you used to keep before, that means the filter have to large enough to keep as much filter media as possible. And a canister filter should hold more filter […]

When thinking about getting your first aquarium, you may feel excited and expected about your beauty natural aquarium with lively colored fishes swim around. But when it comes to setting up a new aquarium, it is not an easy job like it seems to be. Fish tank starter kit is designed to friendly with the beginners who have never had any experience with setting up an aquarium. Making the work to create a new aquarium easier for everyone. What is the fish tank starter kit? Instead of buying individual equipment and install them yourself, choosing the best aquarium starter kits will be the best way for a starter to get a new aquarium. A fish tank kit will take less cost than buying individual equipment. Fish tank kits available out there come in many different brands, sizes and types. But generally, they all include a lighting system and a filter.  Some kits […]

What happens if your tank does not have a protein skimmer? To ensure your tank water is always cleaned perfectly, you will need to do some necessary steps. When organic compounds dissolved in the water will lead to some trouble for your aquarium inhabitant. The protein skimmer helps you get the problem solved. But if you do not have the room for a sump set up, getting the best hang on back protein skimmer will be the good ideal for you. Does every aquarium need a hang on back protein skimmer? The answer is not all. This is depending on what type of your aquarium is. The saltwater (or marine aquarium) and the reef tank will need the best protein skimmers to improve water quality and avoid some water problems. But remember that the protein skimmer does not work in an aquarium is freshwater. Because the fresh water tank does not […]

Fruit is always a great source of nutrients to create a healthy body. Among them, apples are a fruit that contains many essential nutrients that you should consume in your body every day. Instead of eating apples as usual, many people like to juice apple to drink every day. This way the nutrients in the apple are preserved and you do not need to spend a lot of time chewing apples. However, people still can’t help arguing over the issue: red or green apples, what is the best apple for juicing? Both types of apples have excellent amounts of nutrition, but they have different flavors, which is why people argue. To find out which apples are better for juicing, let’s take a look at some information. #1 Green apple Green apples usually have a slightly sour taste, less sweet, crispy texture and thick skin. This fruit is often misunderstood as […]

Processed foods such as jams and sauces need to be stored for gradual use. Each time you need to use, new processing will take time and effort. So you should store them in glass jars for canning, which will help the cooking process more convenient as well as help preserve the nutrients of the dish. This article will guide you how to prepare jars for canning in the best way to ensure they can be ready to serve whenever you need it. And of course you can find criteria for choosing safe airtight containers in general, safe jar in specific in here. Prepare the jars Make sure the jar you are preparing to store food must be clean and sterile. It is bacteria that cause the rancid food to spoil, so a completely clean jar is the first requirement for long-lasting food to remain original. The method is simple: wash […]

Got friends over who moan groan about Soup Night? All that has got to stop, particularly since it’s such an efficient meal choice. Consider these procedures to making your soup night a win! Stout Potato Soup with Bacon and Tarragon A few people experience serious difficulties thinking about soup as a meal. They frequently botch it as a side dish rather than a primary course. Or then again they shrug off the possibility of broth and vegetable. Unfortunately, my kids make up this category of people. Tips for Making Soup Night a win! I’ve been trying out new methods to make soup night somewhat less demanding to swallow, for kids and grown-ups alike: Offer a choice. It doesn’t matter if you get ready two different decisions of soup or assortment of toppings to pick from; make a few choices accessible. This helps brighten up soup night as well as letting […]

Two years ago today, on our first day of summer vacation, I noticed that there was something terribly wrong with my son. I tried to ignore it and hope that it would go away but over the next few weeks things just continued to get worse until he was completely debilitated. He had horrible contamination OCD, anxiety, he couldn’t eat or drink, he couldn’t find a safe place to sleep, he wouldn’t let anyone touch him, he was angry, depressed, and couldn’t get along with anyone. He was unable to leave the house and he spent his entire summer on the couch. We tried abx and they brought him to about 75% but that wasn’t good enough. We were loosing our son and we were desperate to try anything. Through facebook I found a Pandas support group. It was so nice knowing that we were not alone and that others […]

June 2014 Congratulations to Charise Davis Cole who just had a confirmed autism recovery from her neurologist! She attributes recovery to: Camel milk, GAPS Diet, Homeopathy and Young Living Essential Oils. Oils she used: Frankincense, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Peace & Calming. Well, that day that we all dream about arrived today in our household. I took my son to his half year review with the neurologist and the neurologist said that he sees no signs of autism in Christopher. He said he will keep Christopher’s diagnosis through December of this year (when we do our next 6 month evaluation) and then if at that time we don’t think he needs services any longer, he will remove his diagnosis. I still do seem some small deficits in our son that are off, but he definitely looks more typical than non typical. Oh, and as a funny side note…Christopher was talking to […]

Have you ever heard the term “brain allergies”? I hadn’t, and I am sure most of you haven’t either. This was the diagnosis given to me by a world-renowned D.A.N. doctor here in Portland, Oregon. He had been treating my 3-year-old son for autism over the last 10 months with no success. He said “I have only two other clients with this same disorder and in all of the thousands of patients I have ever treated; only 1% has this condition.” “Your son is not autistic” he continued. “He has brain allergies”. OK. Let me back track a little here and tell you about my son Tristan. This is something I rarely talk about, because even in the autistic community, it seems a little mind blowing. Tristan cried for the entire first 6 months of his life. He rarely slept and when I tried to lay him next to me […]


The late Dr. Jeff Bradstreet spoke with Robert Scott Bell of the Robert Scott Bell Radio Show at Autism One in Chicago in May 2015.  Listen to Dr. Bradstreet explain why medical cannabis is an extremely powerful plant for the treatment of Autism and many other diseases. You may want to see: Best Online Seed Banks or Best Indica Strains – Top 10 Cannabis Strains with Stony-Relaxing Effect.   Why Medicinal Cannabis Works Quick Facts About Medicinal Cannabis Medicinal cannabis has been used to treat and or alleviate the symptoms of disease for thousands of years. Medicinal Cannabis was, depending on the culture, the first, second or third most-important and most-used medicine for 2/3’s of the world’s population for at least 3000 years until the turn of the 20th century. Cannabis is a plant that has over 400 compounds and is the “single most versatile herbal remedy on Earth” according to Dr. Ethan […]

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